SQN LDR. C. PRAKASH (Retd.) : Head of Advisory Board (Alankar Theatre)

Young man at 78 yrs was first exposed to performance on stage at an early age when he was in school. His first major role as lead actor in 'The Miser' (by Moilere) in 1956.Professional duties in Air Force (flying) and corporate world (after retirement) did not provide him easy access to theatre world till he decided not to work anymore. In 2008, Mr. Vijay Kapoor of Abhinet group brought him back on stage with a major role in a very famous play GIDHADE (GIDH). Thereafter he has been part of three more major productions namely 'BALI KA BAKRA' by Rang Virasat (Vandana) Money Order by Abhinet (Vijay Kapoor), Ram Sanjeevan by Alankar (Chakresh Kumar). Most important thing for him to be associated with Rangmanch is the joy of being part of an activity with so many loving and lovely grand children.

CHAKRESH KUMAR : Director (Alankar Theatre)

Young, enthusiastic, energetic and creative are the words which can describe this personality.

Born in Bakhtyarpur, Etawah distt., UttatPradesh, India, spent his early age at his native place. His father is an army personnel. Being a son of armyman, he travelled a lot in his life. His interest in theatre developed when he was in 9th standard and after that there was no looking back for him. He is indulged in chandigarh theatre from past 13 years (from the time he came to chandigarh in year 2000). He completed his post graduation from Indian Theatre Dept. of PANJAB University, Chandigarh. He has worked with renowned personalities of Indian theatre.

He found ALANKAR THEATRE in year 2005. In year 2012, Alankar theatre was registered in chandigarh. Alankar theatre has performed in various cities in India, being it Patna, Lucknow in East, Patiala, Chandigarh, Delhi in North, kerala in South or Jabalpur, indore in middle part of India.

Our Mission

Our mission is to work with youth to understand this society and to raise voice against social issues via theatre.

Alankar theatre has members of every age group, from little children to enthusiastic old people. Alankar theatre has worked with peple who are youth from heart and thinking because we believe that only youth can change this society.

We have raised our voices against many social issues like woman safety, education, caste system etc. We have been part of many street plays to increase awareness among people regarding these social issues.